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A Tribute to the World's Greatest Rock Band Faux Fighters UK, the United Kingdom's premier Foo Fighters tribute band, is a musical phenomenon that has taken the tribute scene by storm.

Established by singer and guitarist Ben Rudge, the band is a testament to their passion for the legendary American rock band Foo Fighters. This band has achieved widespread recognition and acclaim for their extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to faithfully reproducing the iconic sound of the Foo Fighters.


Formed in Essex, England, Faux Fighters UK boasts a lineup of incredibly talented musicians who share a deep appreciation for the music of the Foo Fighters. Each member brings a wealth of musical experience and a genuine love for the source material to their performances.

The band members include:

  1. Ben Rudge (Singer and Guitarist): The driving force behind Faux Fighters UK, Ben Rudge takes on the role of lead vocalist and guitarist, expertly channeling Dave Grohl's electrifying stage presence and distinctive vocals. His passionate dedication to the music of the Foo Fighters is evident in his dynamic performances.

  2. Liam Slattery (Bass): Liam Slattery holds down the low end, delivering the thundering bass lines that are a hallmark of the Foo Fighters' sound. His precise and energetic bass playing adds depth and power to the band's live shows.

  3. Russ Millard (Guitar): As the band's lead guitarist, Russ Millard takes on the task of replicating the intricate and melodic guitar work of Chris Shiflett. His guitar skills are a crucial element in capturing the essence of the Foo Fighters' music.

  4. Paul Beddow (Guitar): Paul Beddow joins Russ in recreating the dual-guitar magic that defines the Foo Fighters' sound. Their harmonious guitar work faithfully recreates the band's iconic songs.

  5. Kris Perrin (Drums): Kris Perrin is the rhythmic powerhouse behind Faux Fighters UK, driving the band forward with the same energy and precision as Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. His powerful and dynamic drumming keeps the audience on their feet.

  6. Ben Selleck (Keys): Ben Selleck adds an extra layer of authenticity to Faux Fighters UK's performances by handling the keyboards, which are a crucial part of the Foo Fighters' sonic palette.

Faux Fighters UK is not just a tribute band; they are a genuine musical force in their own right. With painstaking attention to detail, they have mastered the art of emulating the Foo Fighters' live performances, complete with the raw energy and infectious enthusiasm that have made the original band one of the greatest rock acts in the world.

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